Air KBZ teams up with Hahn Air

YANGON, 15 August 2018: Myanmar’s Air KBZ has signed up for an interline agreement with Hahn Air that heads up a travel agency network worldwide.

The deal means that more thann100,000 travel agents in 190 countries, can now book Air KBZ domestic flights.

The system link up between airline and agents was accomplished through the Zenith PSS (Passenger Service System), provided by TTI (Travel Technology Interactive).

Air KBZ executive director, Oakkar Tun, said the interline agreement with Hahn Air was an important step for the airline to gain access to a network of travel agents worldwide.

“We have been able to quickly manage the interline set-up through the TTI Zenith PSS, as there are already many airlines using the system. Travel consultants around the world can book Air KBZ directly for their clients on flights from Yangon to  Bagan, Heho, Thandwe, and Mandalay.”

Most of the country’s airlines rely on travel companies based in Yangon to feed them with bookings from overseas tour companies.

Flights are heavily booked November to March, mainly driven by tour group business. During the monsoon season, May to October, airlines survive on domestic and direct bookings by independent travellers resident in Asia.

The HR-169 interline agreement will allow Air KBZ to market their flights directly to travel agencies under its K7 Airline Code.

‘TTI’s Zenith PSS Interline system already connects 10 airlines to Hahn Air, either as H1-Air or as HR-169 customers.