Cave Trap: Focus shifts to safe extraction


MAE SAI, Chiang Rai, 4 July 208: For days Thailand anxiously followed every twist and turn of a dramatic race against time to find 12 boys and their football coach trapped deep in a cave complex and surrounded by rising monsoon floodwaters.

The search finally ended Monday, with dramatic footage showing the boys — exhausted, mud-caked and rake thin after nine days stranded — crammed onto a wedge of dry ground, some speaking faltering English with the British diving team that found them.

Now the focus shifts to the arduous task of extracting the group from the winding chambers and narrow passageways of the 10 kilometre (6 mile) long Tham Luang  cave complex.

Rescuers said Tuesday they plan to supply the boys with up to four months’ food while a rescue can be planned, indicating the football team’s stay underground — and their families’ agonising wait on the surface — may not be over just yet.

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  1. what are you yapping about? it is a great idea! they’ll probably make this into a movie. they are not just making a profit but they are educating people as well

  2. What is grotesque beyond belief is the idiots at the TAT saying they will turn the cave into a tourist attraction when the boys are finally liberated. This is one of the sickest and most moronic ideas to come out of the amateurish agency ever. Have they no shame?

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