Bali speedboats stay at anchor

DENPASAR, 26 July 2018: Bali’s speedboat fleet will remain at anchor until at least 29 July following the latest harbour master update.

Asian Trails, in an earlier alert to travel partners, was the first to release details of the original order, 23 July, that suspended all speedboat services from Bali to Lombok and Gili Island.

Harbour masters at all ports and jetties in Bali issued warnings that heavy seas, storms and high waves made it extremely dangerous for speedboats in the straits between Bali and Lombok.

In a follow up report, the inbound tour operator, that has offices in Bali, reported late Wednesday afternoon that the suspension has now been extended to 29 July. Speedboat services should resume Monday 30 July at the very earliest.

Asian Trails said it was providing alternative travel arrangements to speedboat transfers for guests. However it advised that it was not recommending transfers on commercial ferries due to safety concerns due adverse weather conditions.

There are very few alternatives left for travellers. Direct flights between Lombok and Bali airports are fully booked until 29 July, although there are some flights to Lombok from Jakarta that remain open.

The travel company said that due to the “discomfort, long transport times and the likelihood of delays, it was not recommending ferries as a viable alternative.”

Travellers who are currently on the island of Bali are advised to stay there until weather and sea conditions improve.