Yangon Airways migrates to Zenith

YANGON, 19 June 2018: Yangon Airways has migrated to the Zenith PSS passenger service system, operated by Travel Technology Interactive in a move to improve its management of fare inventory and sales.

The airline’s managing director, Aung Min Khaing, confirmed the adoption of Zenith products that should help the airline eventually build codeshare and interline business.

“The transfer to Zenith PSS has been smooth and it has allowed us to have greater control of our fares and inventory management,” he said in a statement to the media.

Initially, the airline will use Zenith® PSS to improve the airline’s sales reach to online travel agents and then follow through with the adoption of Zenith® API.

The API platform will enable the airline to develop codeshare and Interline business with other airlines.

Founded in 2001, TTI is based in Paris with a service office in Singapore. The company is headed by CEO Gregoire Echalier.

He commented: ‘We are excited to be a part of the Yangon Airways growth, enabling them to broaden their sales reach as well as their operational capabilities and partnerships with other airlines. TTI has had several airline customers for Zenith in Myanmar… adding Yangon Airways to our Zenith customer base truly demonstrates our ability to manage the IT business for airlines in Southeast Asia”.

Yangon Airways was established in October 1996, as a domestic airline in a joint venture between Myanma Airways, the state-owned national airline and Krong-Sombat Company of Thailand.

In October 1997, MHE-Mayflower Co., acquired Krong-Sombat’s shares in Yangon Airways and the remaining shares in 2005. Since then the airline has evolved into a principal domestic airline operating scheduled and charter services from Yangon to 15 tourist destinations in Myanmar.