Web-based concierge for hotels


BERLIN, 22 June 2018: Instaroom, a messaging platform for managing complex customer journeys, transactions, and bookings, announced, Thursday, the launch of its new communication solution, providing hoteliers with a web-based concierge platform.

Instaroom’s platform includes a white-label widget for hotel websites, analytics tools and full messaging integration.

It enables hoteliers to establish a tether to new and returning guests, increase direct bookings and lower distribution costs.

The solution offers a branded, automated website widget, localisation and personalisation that greets all customers in their native language. It also centralises all communications across different messaging platforms, including Facebook and WeChat.

The platform is mobile optimised, offers hoteliers URL tracking so management can see what guests were browsing before and after messaging the hotel, and provides hoteliers with a full analytics dashboard.

Instaroom CEO and co-founder, Niklas Pettersson explained: “The average hotel website only has a 2% conversion rate, in large part because hoteliers aren’t offering equal or better user experiences than big business-to-consumer travel sites.”

First Hotels, Scandinavia, that has 90 properties throughout Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, and Spain, was one of the first hotel partners to use Instaroom’s beta technology.

Instaroom is currently developing artificial intelligence bots, designed to intuitively answer commonly asked customer questions.  The AI bots will be integrated into the Instaroom platform later this year.