’s top foodie destinations

BANGKOK, 27 June 2018: Based on the assumption that food and travel makes the perfect match,’s Tasty Travels report cites Paris (27%), Tokyo (23%) and Rome (22%) as the top hottest spots on earth for foodies.

The Tasty Travels survey was conducted by One Poll in March this year, with 9,000 respondents resident in 29 countries.

Thailand ranked sixth, the highest placed of all Southeast Asian destinations.

Over 90% of Thai travellers admitted a destination’s cuisine is the biggest deciding factor when picking where to holiday, beautiful beaches (41%) and the shopping scene (25%) being less appetising.

The Tasty Travels research also revealed that Thai millennials love to experience both a five-star dining experience (26%) and different menus of local street food (21%).

Eating experiences are in fact now so high on the Millennial travel tick-list, 85% of Thai millennials said foodie experiences stand out the most in their holiday memories.

This topped shopping experience (23%) and even spending time with their travel buddy (19%), #TastyTravels. also found that it’s food over friends and yourself these days, as most of the respondents admit they prefer to snap their food than selfie pose.

The survey also revealed that pasta and pizza (32%) is the food millennials are most likely to post on social media, followed by steak or meat (27%), noodles (25%) and even weird and wacky local delicacies topped into the list! Young travellers don’t play it safe with their food choices either, as one in three claimed they’d love to try eel sushi (31%), chicken feet (24%), crickets (24%) and deep-fried mars bar (22%). brand general manager APAC, Nelson Allen commented: “The passion that millennial travellers have for what we at call #TastyTravels, comes from a universal truth – that food is one of life’s greatest pleasures.”