CX offers deals out of Thailand

BANGKOK, 8 June 2018: Cathay Pacific is offering deals on fares in both business and economy classes from Thailand to various destinations.

Passengers travelling from Bangkok, Chiang Mai or Phuket to Hong Kong can choose from 10 direct flights per day with fares starting at THB 4,600* for economy class.

Cathay Pacific quotes the lowest starting fare available on specific flights and days. 

For more details of the Promotion Smart Saver Hong Kong visit:

The airline says passengers departing from the three Thai cities are also eligible for its ‘Life Well Travelled’ experience that offers free baggage allowance*, spacious cabin and seats, a variety of in-flight meals and in-flight entertainment system.

Special fares on are on offer to destinations in Japan such as Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, Fukuoka and Okinawa at starting at THB 10,950.*

Smart Saver Japan, Korea, Taiwan and China have a starting fare at THB 6,850.*  Visit:

The special fares are on sale until 31 July. Visit

Destination Prices starting from
Economy class Two or more economy class seats Business class
Thailand (Bangkok/Chiang Mai/Phuket) – Taiwan 6,850 baht*
Thailand (Bangkok/Chiang Mai/Phuket) –

South Korea (Seoul/Busan/Jeju)

10,650 baht* 10,410 baht*
Thailand (Bangkok/Chiang Mai/Phuket) – Japan
10,950 baht*
Thailand (Bangkok/Chiang Mai/Phuket)

– China

6,990 baht*
Thailand (Bangkok/Chiang Mai/Phuket) – USA 16,860 baht* 103,000 baht*

* Check the standard baggage allowance at

* Fares exclude all applicable taxes and surcharges. Terms and Conditions may apply.