Buy a ticket get cash back


SINGAPORE, 13 June 2018: Vietjet is tempting credit card holders to win a cash-back when they book flights through Shinhan and ANZ cards.

The airline’s deal with Shinhan Bank offers a USD 22 cash-back to the first 400 cardholders who spend a minimum USD 219 buying Vietjet tickets online and paying for them with Shinhan and ANZ credit cards.

The promotion’s first phase started 8 June and runs to the 14th. But there are other sale phases; 15 to 21 June, 22 to 28 June, and 29 to 5 July, with cash-backs offered to the first 100 early-bird customers who meet the promotion requirements.

The cash-backs will be credited to the cardholders’ payment accounts by 26 July.

A fee is charged for using credit cards to buy tickets online, which reduces the value of the cash-back.

Vietjet has a fleet of 60 aircraft, including A320s and A321s, and operates 385 flights per day. It currently operates 82 routes in Vietnam and across the region to international destinations such as Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, Cambodia, China, and Myanmar.