Vietjet fields the lowest fare north


CHIANG RAI, 16 May 2018: Vietjet is selling one-way fares on the Bangkok-Chiang Rai route at THB 539 claiming the deal includes taxes, fees and credit card charges.

According to its Facebook page promotion the deal is valid for travel up to March 2019.

The airline flies from Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi airport to far north Chiang Rai three times daily.

The only other airlines flying the route to Chiang Rai from Suvarnabhumi airport are Bangkok Airways and Thai Smile.

The Facebook invitation is clear, just click on the link to and you should be flying roundtrip for THB 1,078 in no time at all.

Surprise, the actual  Bangkok- Chiang Rai fare purchased for travel on 24 May was cheaper at THB 450.60 than advertised. The return one-way trip had the same fare. Total roundtrip fare was THB 901.2. Definitely a bargain.

However, Vietjet’s website has to be one of the most irritating you will come across with its profusion of flashing graphics. It makes it difficult to lock down the fare as the airline baffles you with endless flicking offers that change so fast it like chasing a rabbit.

You eventually work out that the blinking offers are not links just advertisement that flicker like failing neon lights.

Just go straight to the flight search box and make sure you have it set to English language.  Mine was set to Thai language and the date box just refused to respond until I changed it to English.

Then it is just a few clicks to confirming what I reckon is the lowest one-fare between Bangkok and Chiang Rai from Suvarnabhumi airport.

To put the THB 901.2 roundtrip fare in context, Thai Smile’s best offer is THB 2,367, Bangkok Airways’ THB 2,386 and searching on, the best Vietjet fare was THB 1,022, which is almost spot on with the airline’s Facebook page offer.