Traveliko promotes fee-based bookings

BANGKOK, 22 May 2018: Online travel portal, traveliko, is promoting its zero commission policy to wean hotels off a dependence on popular booking sites that charge up to 35% in commissions.

It claims its system has been tested over three years to meet the needs of hotels that are currently paying high commissions to popular OTAs.

Established by a group of hospitality professionals who bemoaned paying high commissions of up to 35% to powerful Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) they claim to have reduced the cost of a booking by offering a fee-based system.

“We simplified the relationship between customers and service providers for the benefit of both parties,” says, traveliko’s co-founder and chief operations officer, Yann Gouriou.

“We work directly with hotels to guarantee the best available rate and we have replaced commissions with a subscription model that provides hotels with a free listing for up to 100 bookings per month, supplemented by a range of premium options for a modest fee,” he adds.

Banking on the subscription model replacing commissions, traveliko says it’s a logical step for the travel industry to take.

In addition to offering a free booking engine, traveliko is tackling problems linked to cross border payments by  creating an intelligent payment platform using Blockchain technology to facilitate low-cost money transfers.

Traveliko was registered in Singapore, December 2014, by co-founders Yann Gouriou, Martijn Dekker and Bjorn Harvold.

Its operational base is in Thailand where it attracted its first hotel clients such as Centara Hotels and Resorts, Dusit International, Alila and Red Planet.

The website offers hotels different payment plans with the most expensive priced at a USD 49.95 subscription fee per hotel, a plan that has a ceiling of 1,000 bookings a month with a worth of USD 100,000 in sales. It also has a free monthly membership for small properties with a maximum of 100 bookings a month and a value of USD10,000 in sales.