Thais top for flights per year


BANGKOK, 4 May 2018: Thais are Asia’s top flyers making more flights per year ahead of second and third placed Japan and India.

That was one of the conclusions of the latest findings from Expedia’s 2018 Global Flight and Hotel Etiquette study.

The annual survey, released Thursday, looked at the flight and hotel etiquette habits of more than 18,000 adults. worldwide.

Based on survey responses, Thais were the top frequent flyers with an average of 10.1 flights per year. The survey covered the Asia-Pacific but excluded China.

The Brand Expedia study also touched booking trends and even annoying habits that can quickly ruin a travel experience.

Conducted online from 22 February to 19 March 19 this year the survey covered North America, Europe, South America and Asia-Pacific.

On average, travellers are taking five one-way flights per year, with personal flights (3.2 per year) accounting for two-thirds  and another third being business trips (1.6 per year).

Business travel is particularly high in Thailand (4.5), Japan (3.9) and India (3.6).

Economy class travel dominates, especially personal trips. US and Thai travellers are the most likely to book in premium economy or above when on business.

Most travellers still prefer a printed boarding pass, with nearly half (47%) using print only, and a third (32%) using a combination of both print and mobile boarding passes, while over one fifth (21%) would use a mobile device.

Dealing with snoozers

When it comes to passing a sleeping passenger, most say they would wake them and ask them to move (42%), a third would climb over (20%) with their back to them and facing them (15%), while nearly a quarter (23%) would just wait.

Travellers in Asian markets tend to be more likely to wake them: led by Hong Kong (60%, Thailand (59%) and Singapore (58%).

Buckle up, shoes on or off?

Nearly a third of passengers (30%) say they take off their shoes, but not their socks, with just 7% who go barefoot on airplanes.  Japanese were the most likely to go barefoot (16%), while Swiss (48%) and British (43%) travellers were most likely to take off their shoes, but keep on their socks.  Mexicans (85%), Thai (81%), Italians (80%), Indians (77%) and Spaniards (77%) were most likely to say that shoes should remain on.

In-flight and hotel peeves

As far as annoying passengers go, the worst in most markets are the seat kicker/bumper/grabber, chosen by a majority (51%) of global travellers, followed by the Aromatic Passenger (43%) globally, the Inattentive Parent (39%), Personal Space Violator (34%)and the Audio Insensitive (29%).

When checking into their hotel rooms, guest are mostly annoyed to find bed bugs (61%), a used condom (55%) or a cigarette smoke or foul smell (46%).

The most annoying guests include: The Inattentive Parents (45%), The Hallway Hellraiser (41%) and the In-Room Revellers (41%).

Making travel decisions

Travellers are closely divided between booking a flight first and then a hotel (43%) compared to a travel package with a flight and hotel (38%), while relatively few would book a hotel first (9%). Singaporeans (64%), Malaysians (64%) and South Koreans (63%), Thais (37%) are most likely to book a flight first.

Choosing to stay at big chain hotels seem to dominate in most markets as a first or second choice (69%), with boutique hotels (51%) and vacation/holiday rentals (34%) as the next most popular option.

Wi-fi connection is by far the most important hotel amenity for global travellers followed by complimentary toiletries (34%), an in-room fridge (34%), along with freebies such as spa credits and food/beverage credits.