Khiri Travel backs Recycle Day

BANGKOK 15 May 2018: Khiri Travel is hosting two educational recycling events in Bangkok 17 May to mark International Recycling Day.

The events will teach participants how to embrace the seven key “Rs” of reduce, reuse, recycle, refuse, rethink, repair and respect

The activities are scheduled for 1600 onwards on 17 May and are part of the UNESCO International Recycling Day, as well as to mark Khiri Travel’s 25th anniversary.

Bangkok’s Klong Toey district and Baan Ratchawadee Ying school in Nonthaburi province, close to the Thai capital, are the two venues.

Khiri Travel’s sustainability manager and executive director of Khiri Reach, Gili Back said: “International Recycling Day is celebrated, although it is something that we should participate in every day. How? By being consistent, treating waste effectively, protecting the environment and fighting climate change.”

In order to help achieve this, Khiri Travel will be hosting special events, educational seminars and clean ups in seven countries across Asia.

The two activities in Thailand are: Khlong Toey Music Programme Trash Separation System and Kids Training, 1530 to 1900, 17 May.

Khlong Toey Music Programme (KTMP) is a non-profit organisation that creates positive social changes through teaching music for free to underprivileged children.

Khiri Travel Thailand’s Bangkok office will provide a Nazava water filter for the programme and encourage the use of refillable bottles for all the children. Training will include how to reduce their negative impact and stop single use disposable items.

Additionally, a small recycling centre will be set up for the school’s kids, who will be encouraged to protect their neighbourhood and reduce their footprint by separating their garbage whilst helping trash collectors.

The music school is part of Playing for Change that teaches and encourages slum kids through music, English and arts as a way to get them off the streets and encourages them to have a brighter future.

Baan Rachawadee Ying Staff Training – Recycling & Composting 1000 to 1400, 17 May 2018. Location: Baan Rachawadee Ying 78/15 Tiwanon-Pakkret Moo 1, Nonthaburi, Bangkok