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Top places for a bargain stay


BANGKOK, 29 March 2018: The recent Hotel Price Index compiled affirms Thailand’s Kathu District, home to Patong and Kamala beaches, among the top five tourist spots for low-cost, five-star accommodation.

Based on a survey completed at the end of 2017, the Hotel Price Index identified the top five most popular destinations based on bookings, reviews and search interest, worldwide.

The top five were:
Kathu (Phuket), Thailand;
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia;
Istanbul, Turkey;
Riga, Latvia;
Bogota, Colombia.

Patong and Kamala beaches in Kathu district are known for nightlife and beach parties, but also famous for restaurants and shopping malls (Patong). Affordable five-star accommodation also attracted travellers looking for sunsets by the beach and breakfast spreads with their family and friends.

The survey also identified the top destinations booked by Thai travellers.

 Top 10 outbound destinations for Thai travellers

  2017 rank 2016


Average daily accommodation price in 2017  (THB) Average daily accommodation price in 2016  (THB) YoY % Change
Japan 1 1 4,776 4,941 -3%
USA 2 2 6,092 5,915 3%
Malaysia 3 3 2,038 2,031 0%
Singapore 4 5 4,623 4,528 2%
Hong Kong 5 4 5,055 4,928 3%
Vietnam 6 6 2,164 2,244 -4%
South Korea 7 7 3,065 3,303 -7%
United Kingdom 8 8 6,235 6,585 -5%
Taiwan 9 13 3,038 3,634 -16%
China 10 12 3,560 3,655 -3% regional marketing director greater China, SEA and India, Jessica Chuang said: “Interestingly, Taiwan has jumped to ninth most favourite destinations among Thais from 13th last year.

“Thai people find that a flight time of less than four hours makesTaiwan very appealing (as compared with a longer flight to Japan). They could enjoy cool weather and experiences similar to what they would find in Japan.

The growth could also be attributed to the tourist visa exemption for Thai citizens announced last year, according to Taiwan’s Department of Information and Tourism, which also saw an increase of almost 80% in Thai tourists visiting Taiwan monthly in 2017[1]”.

The Mekong Region which includes Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam (CLMV), has also seen an increase in intra-regional travel and intra-regional tourists[2].

Vietnam (ranked 6th overall) tops the list of regional countries attracting Thai travellers,  spurred by the country’s air and transport infrastructure, picturesque destinations, increasing popularity of its local cuisine, and best value for five-star accommodation, which saw a 4% decrease in prices for tourists from 2016.

Meanwhile, among neighbouring countries, Myanmar still lags behind in popularity among Thai travellers – compared to Cambodia (12th) and Laos (18th) – coming in at 19th position on the HPI  survey despite accommodation prices decreasing of 12% overall. Average accommodation prices in Cambodia and Laos increased by 4% and 9% respectively from 2016.



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