THAI dons traditional costume

BANGKOK, 30 March 2018: Fuelled by the hit Ayutthaya period TV Series, Buppesannivas (Love Destiny), the latest fad is to dress in period costume and visit the former ancient capital of Siam, 70 km upriver from Bangkok.

Tourism officials estimate that every day more than 10,000 TV fans visit the ancient pagodas, where the TV series’ was shot.

Thai Airways International got into the act with its own revival of traditional Thai culture and costume, this week, with a little help from the TV series’ lead star.

Seen here in Ayutthaya period dress are top executives led by Usanee Sangsingkeo (sixth from left), acting president, Thai Airways International (THAI).

The “Revival of Traditional Thai Culture” event encouraged employees to wear traditional Thai attire in response to the government’s policy to support Thai heritage conservation.

And to add a celebrity touch, Nirut Sirijanya (fourth from left), the star actor in the series, joined the photo shoot and a Thai costume fashion show featuring THAI flight attendants.

Employees enjoyed visiting booths that sold traditional Thai clothing, food, and beverages, and also were able to have professional photos taken in Thai traditional attire.