Skyscanner unearths five-star deals

BANGKOK, 16 March 2018:  Skyscanner claims there are deals to be found even for luxury or five-star hotels.

Despite our fears that luxury hotels charge over the odds, Skyscanner’s latest data debunks the myths and shows that smart travellers, who check and compare, can still find a bargain for a top hotel stay.

Skyscanner says that the most searched international destinations also boast the most affordable five-star hotels.

Based on extensive data and search results, Skyscanner identified destinations with the best bargains for five-star stays with all of them, under the USD 1,000/night mark and most international destinations’ five-star hotels coming in below USD 500 a night.

Destinations with bargain luxury stays
(Average cost per night)

Manila  $172

Phuket $248

Athens $254

Madrid $272

Bali $301

Sydney $355

Cancun $528

Rome $679

Milan $817

Maldives Islands $969

*Data Methodology:  Top 100 hotel destinations (cities) were selected based on Skyscanner historical data (all markets combined) throughout 2017. All destinations were sorted by average price of 5-star hotel. All prices are in USD and calculated per room per night.

(Source: Skyscanner).