Amadeus invests in airport flow

SINGAPORE, 14 March 2018: There is no signs of passenger volumes slowing down at airports around the world making it imperative for airports to harness better management tools, says Amadeus Ventures.

Noting that the International Air Transport Association forecasts 7.2 billion passengers will travel through airports annually by 2035, nearly double the 3.8 billion in 2016, Amadeus Ventures has invested in early-stage CrowdVision.

Its latest investment in software solution will give Amadeus access to an App that helps to ease airport congestion and manage growth.

Ultimately, travellers can benefit from faster check-ins and shorter security lines.

CrowdVision is an early stage company that uses computer vision software and artificial intelligence to help airports monitor the flow of passengers in real-time to minimize queues and manage resources.

CrowdVision monitors in real-time where passengers are a heading in an airport, showing the management the most frequently used paths in an airport.  The data can help airports react decisively to keep travellers’ moving while making their experience more enjoyable.

CrowdVision’s existing airport customers are benefiting from reduced queues and waiting times, leaving passengers to spend more time and more money in retail areas. It will also allow airports to measure the footfall passing retail space which will in turn support its rental pricing and options.

Amadeus Ventures, the corporate venture arm of Amadeus, invests in start-ups sitting at the crossroads of travel and technology.

Amadeus launched this initiative in 2014 and CrowdVision is the latest addition to a portfolio that includes start-ups such as Situm, Avuxi, Betterez, Bluesmart, BookingPal, Flyr and Yapta.