Will we still have a job in travel?


BANGKOK, 21 February 2018: “How will Artificial Intelligence impact on hospitality, tourism and travel services?

Will university graduates embarking on career in tourism today have a job a decade or two down track?

These are just two of the questions that a joint chamber commerce forum in Bangkok intends to explore and answer.

Scheduled for 27 March, the forum’s lead organiser, Netherlands Thai Chamber of Commerce, has invited three experts to make presentations and field questions from the audience.

The event is billed as an opportunity to acquire insights on the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) and human-machine interfaces in the hospitality, tourism and travel industries.

Who knows the experts might say we have nothing to worry about. The travel and hospitality industry is booming and for every job lost to a robot, or chatbot, other jobs will emerge that still require human intervention.

But they might surprise us and tell us the industry, as we know it today, will tick along smoothly with a fraction of the staff required today.

But there are other issues especially when we jump into a driverless taxi. In the event of an accident who will be liable?  Is the blame pinned on the car manufacturer, the taxi firm or the software provider?

The podium will be shared by Pacific Asia Travel Association’s CEO, Dr Mario Hardy, College of Innovation Thammasat University professor, Dr Kom Campirinon and  Richard Berger principle, Chanchai Tanatkratrakul.

The forum will be held 1500 to 1900 at Ballroom 1, So Sofitel Bangkok.