Virtual reality museum opens

AYUTTHAYA, Thailand, 23 February 2018:  Thailand and Japan are celebrating the 130th anniversary of official diplomatic relations with a ‘Virtual Reality Street Museum’, located at the Japanese Village in Ayutthaya province.

The Virtual Reality Street Museum is located in the exhibition hall next to the Chao Phraya River.

It features an experiential showcase and is complemented by historic information about the former capital of Ayutthaya, the roles of the Japanese Village, and international fabric of society at the height of the Ayutthaya period.

Visitors will experience an immersive VR theatre equipped with the latest VR Scope Technology, offering a 360-degree view of historic Ayutthaya.

With Ayutthaya and the Japanese Village at the heart of the exhibition, the advanced technology portrays an engaging story through 96 million pixel resolution computer graphics. It depicts the naval trade journey of Yamada Nagamasa that established relations with the 17th century Siamese Kingdom and set the foundations for the flourishing trade relations enjoyed today.

Through the Street Museum’s technology, visitors can scan a QR code with their  smartphones or tablets to enjoy the vast landscape of the Japanese Village both today and from the 17th century through virtual reality on their screens, with audio guides also available in three languages: Thai, Japanese and English.

TAT is also supporting the VR Street Museum by providing a glimpse into the Ayutthaya way of life. Experiential market life is on display inviting visitors to enjoy an Ayutthaya culinary experience inspired by recipes of the renowned Thaothongkeepma (Marie Guimar) – who was a cook in the court of King Narai the Great; such as, Thong Yip, Thong Yot, and Foi Thong.