More space to meet traffic boom

PHUKET, 19 February 2018: Airports of Thailand increased domestic passengers space at Phuket’s airpor,t 14 February, to help alleviate congestion in the terminal building ahead of Chinese New Year.

Currently, undergoing a complete remake that started in November last year, the domestic terminal is serious pain-point for passengers as work disrupts smooth transfers.

However, AOT says it accelerated the opening of additional space  in passenger holding and public waiting areas to meet the increase in passengers this month.

The changes ensured that as the Chinese New Year holiday week got under way the terminal had an additional 2,000 square metres of space to accommodate up to 3,500 passengers during peak hours.

However, increasing the space required a change in passenger routing at the terminal with the luggage area moving to the north side of the building, a shift that confused some passengers during the weekend.

The route change increased the number of checkpoints to ensure passengers could move through the domestic terminal faster, AOT claimed.

The entire domestic terminal renovation will be completed by June this year.