IATA and Singapore open safety centre

SINGAPORE 9 February 2018 The International Air Transport Association and the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore will establish a Global Safety Predictive Analytics Research Center (SPARC) in Singapore.

SPARC will use predictive analytics to identify potential aviation safety hazards and assess related risks by leveraging research capabilities in Singapore.

IATA will supply operational flight data and safety information available under its Global Aviation Data Management (GADM) initiative.

End users across the aviation community can then work collaboratively at the system level to address and implement appropriate safety measures to mitigate risks, or even to prevent the occurrences of safety hazards.

The initial focus for SPARC will be runway safety, such as runway excursions, which are the most frequent category of accidents in recent years, according to IATA’s analysis.

CAAS director-general, Kevin Shum added: “CAAS and IATA have developed a strong partnership over the years. Together, we continue to work closely with the aviation community to enhance safety and facilitate sustainable aviation growth.

Air traffic will double in the Asia-Pacific by 2036.