Expedia exposes mental malady


BANGKOK, 20 February 2018: If you are feeling out of sorts this week it might be you are suffering from a bout of ‘vacation deprivation.’

This dreadful infliction is on the rise globally with 53% of employed adults describing themselves as very or somewhat vacation deprived during the latest Expedia survey.

It represents an alarming increase from 49% of survey respondents who described the worrisome symptoms for the same study in 2016.

You may find it hard to believe, but Expedia funds the annual study that plumbs the depths and health dangers of the vacation deprivation scourge.

Expedia is one of the top online booking sites, worldwide, offering airline and hotel deals to consumers. It claims to be dedicated to ending vacation deprivation once and for all, but its latest study indicates it still has some ways to go to come up with a cure.

Feelings of vacation deprivation tend to be higher across Asia, with South Koreans expressing the most discontent (82%), followed by Malaysians (65%) and Hong Kong residents (64%).

While Thailand ranked as one of the lowest markets suffering from vacation deprived, probably due to the almost monthly frequency of national holidays, 75% of Thai workers said they would most likely cancel, or postpone, a vacation due to work commitments.

Thai respondent were the highest in the world expressing such an admirable work ethic even at the cost of a holiday.

The global and local findings of vacation habits, including the struggles and concerns of more than 15,000 working adults across 30 countries, are to be found in the “Expedia Vacation Deprivation Study 2018”.

A media event in Bangkok to introduce the latest findings of Expedia’s 2018 study will take place 27 February convened by Expedia’s  general manager Southeast Asia and India, Simon Fiquet, who will star alongside travel celebrities from the Tourism Authority of Thailand, TV host Sakita Moungmaithong and actress Taya Rogers to entertain the media if they can spare a morning for vacation deprivation. That’s if they are not on vacation.

Event details
27 February, 1000 – 1200 (Press registration)
London Room III (2nd Floor, Athenee Tower), The Athenee Hotel, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Bangkok (Wireless Road, near BTS – Ploenchit Station).