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More to Langkawi than beaches


If you thought Langkawi is only about its beach resorts, serenity and calm with a window to shop duty-free then Langkawi Adventure & Xtreme Park breaks the mould.

It’s the place to head for if you’re longing for some action and serious adrenaline rush.

This 20-acre adventure park located in the Sungai Kilim area is the outdoor playground, but only for the brave.

The popular attraction  is the Go-Cart on a 200 metre circuit of fun, smoke and burning rubbers.

A reminder of the old-fashioned and popular archery amusements at the village fair the park tests your accuracy at the archery area where you can fantasize that you are Robin Hood and enjoy a sport geared to improving and concentration, a bit like darts.

That brings us to the horse riding and if you can keep astride of the beast then you are really living the Sherwood Forest experience.

If you can ride the horse then it might be a convenient means of transport to take in the sights of the Sungai Kilim area known for its collection of geo-sites full of flora and fauna, and stunning geological formations like mammoth limestone rocks, fossils, caves, lagoons, beaches and seascapes.

Some other activities at this park require high levels of courage. Conquer your fear and give the flying fox, or zipline, a try. We fluffed the test thinking we could blur this part of the story by just imagining  the experience from ground zero .

If you are game, the zipline whizzes you through the equatorial forest setting in a canopy of trees.

At first we thought the bike ride would suit our tamer spirits, but it turned out to be a Sky-Bike that allows you to pedal on a real bike, but in the air! Yes, and for all the wrong reasons this exercise gets your heart-pumping over a short distance of 200 metres and 50 feet above the ground.

Whoever says that triathlon biking is challenging, should try this one for sure. Though it seems like a totally insane thing to do. We were told by the supervisors “not  to worry” all the equipment had been robustly  tested to meet international safety standards. Thankfully, a skilful and experienced guide was also on hand to lead and supervise the entire activity. The guide disengages you from the bike you are clinging to for your dear life at the end of the ride.

If you still have any energy levels left  after all those activities, then hop on to the All-Terrain Vehicle or ATV buggy for a muddy adventure, or experience the interactive 5D Motion Cinema that promises to perk up your senses.

Enough of these stories, we needed a glass of ale to steady the nerves after we gave the park our once over. We were told that people enjoy this park more if they pack energy bars and drink. We just asked for the nearest junk food outlet after they told us there were no fish and chips stalls. Well you can’t have everything, but Langkawi Adventure & Xtreme Park comes pretty close when the subject is adventure.

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