India tourist arrivals pass 10 million

NEW DELHI, 16 January 2018: India’s e-Tourist Visas were more popular than ever in 2017 with 1,697,000 users a 52.% increase over 2016.

India reported a 15.2% growth in foreign tourist arrivals in December and for the full year arrivals surpassed the 10 million mark.

Passing the 10 million mark is a milestone for India as the government attempts to raise tourist arrivals closer to what its Southeast Asian neighbours enjoy.

Government leaders admit the tourism industry is an under-achiever but there are moves to introduce tax cuts on hotel rates and spur investment opportunities in hospitality and travel, due to be announced later this week.

India’s Ministry of Tourism reported details of the 2017 tourism performance Monday, based on figures issued by the Bureau of Immigration.

Foreign tourist arrivals reached 1,176,000 in December 2017 when compared to 1,021,000 in December, 2016, representing a growth of 15.2%.

Tourist arrivals for the full year stood at 10,177,000 representing a growth of 15.6% over 2016, a year that closed with 8,804,000 visitors.

Of the top 15 source countries delivering tourist arrivals to India, Bangladesh had the highest market share of 19.04% followed by USA (16.90%), UK (10.41%), Australia (5.31%), Canada (3.85%), Russian Fed. (3.79%),Malaysia (3.11%), Germany (2.08%), China (2.06%),  Sri Lanka (2.01%), Singapore (1.85%), France (1.81%), Japan (1.64%), Thailand (1.60%)  and Italy (1.44%).

Of the 15 ports of entry Delhi Airport enjoyed a market share of 25.80%, followed by Mumbai Airport (17.31%), Haridaspur Land Check Post (9.75%), Chennai Airport (6.36%), Bengaluru Airport (5.33%), Dabolim (Goa) Airport, (5.29%), Kolkata Airport (4.95%), Cochin Airport (3.92%), Hyderabad Airport (3.02%),Ahmadabad Airport (2.63%), Gede Rail Land Check Post (1.94%), Trivandrum Airport (1.64%), Trichy Airport (1.44%), Ghojadanga Land Check Post (1.26%) and Sonauli Land Check Post  (1.14%).

 e-Tourist Visa picks up

During December 241,000 foreign tourists arrived on  e-Tourist Visas, compared to 162,000 during the same month in 2016 registering a growth of 48.3%.

For the entire year 1,697,000 tourists visited India on e-Tourist Visas, compared with 1,080,000  in 2016, registering a growth of 57.2%.

The market share breakdown of the top 15 source countries for travellers using e-Tourist Visas:
UK (17.5%), USA (13.8%), Russian Federation (6.0%), Australia (5.2%), China (4.9%), Canada (4.7%), France (3.9%), Germany (3.9%), Italy (3.1%), South Africa (3.0%), Thailand (2.6%), Korea (Rep. of) (2.3%), Singapore (2.0%), Spain (1.7%) and UAE (1.5%).

Of the top 15 ports of entry New Delhi airport had the highest number of e-Tourist Visa travellers.

Airport market share for airline travellers using  e-Tourist Visas to enter India:
New Delhi Airport (38.3%), Mumbai Airport (21.0%), Dabolim (Goa) Airport (11.1%), Chennai Airport (6.3%), Bangalore Airport(5.7%), Kochi Airport (4.4%), Kolkata Airport (2.8%), Hyderabad Airport (2.3%), Trivandrum Airport (1.7%), Ahmadabad Airport (1.6%), Amritsar Airport (1.2%),Gaya Airport (0.9%), Jaipur Airport (0.7%), Tirchy Airport (0.7%) and Calicut Airport (0.3%).


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