Vietnam fills out e-Visa list


HANOI, 18 December 2017: Vietnam will add six more countries to a list of nationalities eligible for its e-Visa process.

Asian Trails’ latest newsletter to trade and partners identified the six additional nationalities that will increase the list to 46 nations.

The latest additions are: Australia; Canada; India; New Zealand; Netherlands and United Arab Emirates.

The original 40 countries were given the right to apply for a visa online earlier this year. The e-Visa scheme was introduced last February a two-year pilot scheme.

Tourism officials in Hanoi said the latest additions should boost tourism and to draw more individual tourists who previously had to apply for a visa at a Vietnamese embassy.

Visitors can apply online for a 30-day, single-entry visa by paying a non-refundable application fee of USD25. The official site does not identify the payment channel accepted by immigration authorities, but website information suggests PayPay, or an internationally recognised credit card, can be used.

It would be more convenient for applicants  if payment channel information was identified on the opening page rather than subsequent pages of the online document.

The process for verifying the visa request takes up to three working days. Once the traveller’s application has been approved, they will receive a confirmation number by email that they need to print out for presentation at approved border checkpoints.

The list of approved checkpoints includes eight international airports, 13 international overland border crossings and seven seaports.

Compared with other countries offering an e-Visa process, Vietnam’s forms are more complicated to navigate. In contrast, Myanmar’s e-Visa  is  more user friendly in both presentation and process requirements probably because it was outsourced to an app service provider.

Vietnam’s tourist arrivals should exceed 10 million this year.

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