Eggs in one basket

DENPASAR, 20 December 2017: Indonesia has launched a “10 New Bali’s” campaign  that plays on the island’s popularity while suggesting travellers go elsewhere.

Recognising that for many travellers Indonesia is Bali, the latest national campaign suggests there are 10 Indonesian destinations beyond Bali that are equally attractive.

According to, Indonesia’s Minister of Tourism, Arief Yahya, explains the “10 New Bali’s” strategy as the equivalent of not putting all your “tourism eggs in one basket.”

While Bali remains the main gateway for Indonesia’s tourism, the new policy seeks to reduce the nation’s over-dependence on the Island.

Bali has seen travel arrivals plummet during the recent rumblings and eruptions from the island’s Mount Agung and that trend could continue until the volcano settles and slumbers.

In response, Indonesian Tourism Minister, Arief Yahya explains: “There’s the old saying: ‘Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.’ If there’s any problem, you’ve lost everything. That is why the government has created the ’10 New Bali’s.”

Speaking at an awards ceremony for the tourism press, last week, Yahya told his audience that the media has a special task and responsibility to helpi to promote the “10 New Bali’s.”

Prize money totalling IDR200 million was shared with journalist winners across five categories including newspapers, magazines, online media, television and bloggers.

Critics alleged that the handouts, identified as prizes, lacked discretion and could be interpreted  as a clumsy  form of bribery that should have been politely declined by the media.