Dance marks Thai-Japan relations

BANGKOK, 19 December 2017:  The Biennial Bon Odori Festival marks 130 years of Thai-Japanese diplomatic relations this year and joins the celebrations under the banner of the Amazing Thailand Tourism Year 2018.

The celebration highlighted two impressive rounds of the famous Japanese traditional dance circle, held at Bangkok’s Thep Hatsadin Stadium over the weekend.

The Bon Odori Festival in Bangkok was first organised by the Japanese Association in Thailand in 1987, and has since been held in December every other year.

Mr Atsushi Shimada, president of the Japan Association of Thailand (3rd from left); H.E. Miro Sadoshima, ambassador of Japan to Thailand (centre); Mr  Singtong Lapisetepun, director-general of the Department of East Asian Affairs (3rd from right); and Mr Yuthasak Supasorn, TAT governor (2nd from right), at the Bon Odori Festival in Bangkok.

It offers the opportunity for Japanese residents and tourists in Thailand to join Thais to enjoy a traditional Japanese celebration.

The ‘Odori’ dance is one of Japan’s ancient folk arts, with dancers wearing varied kimonos, or yukatas and dancing to the rhythm of the traditional Taiko drums.

During this year’s Bon Odori Festival in Bangkok, there were two rounds of  Japanese and Thai folk performances. Each round lasted about an hour and started with a 25-minute Japanese traditional Awa Dance, followed by a 20-minute Thai folk dance and concluded with the 20-minute ‘Odori’ dance circle.