Asia sustains Thai travel agency bookings

BANGKOK, 8 December 2017:  Thailand’s inbound tour companies are enjoying a 5.76% increase in clients using their ground services, January through to 30 November.

The latest data from the Association of Thai Travel agents shows member companies handled 5,330,881 clients at Bangkok’s two gateway airports.

ATTA does not provide figures for clients handled at airports elsewhere in the country.

China provided the biggest slice of business for travel agencies, generating 3,168,013 trips an increase of 2.67% year-on-year.

Chinese travellers represented a commanding  59.43%  market share for Thailand’s travel firms, compared with the rest of Asia at 14.35% and ASEAN markets at 8.21%.

Illustrating the dominant reliance on Asia, Europe’s market share has shrunk to 4.90% for Thailand’s inbound travel companies.

ASEAN markets also performed better, up 18.31% year-on-year and supplying tour companies with  437,927 clients and an overall market share of 8.21%.

Vietnam is an up-and-coming market supplying 269,719 clients, an increase of  25.23%.  In the context of ASEAN markets, trips generated in Vietnam and handled by travel firms in Thailand commanded a market share of 61.59%.

Russia continues to perform below par. The market peaked in 2014 with 489,503 clients. So far this year, travel agencies have handled 148,599 clients, down 27.30%, year-on-year.

India’s travel market continues to expand for Thai travel companies supplying 227,438 clients, up 24.71%.