2017: Vietnam’s travel marches on

HANOI, 29 December 2017: Vietnam secured a record 11,645,798 international tourist arrivals during the first 11 months of the year, an improvement of 27.8% year-on- year.

Arrivals in November alone reached 1,172,568, an increase of 4.4% over November 2016.

Asia dominated inbound travel to Vietnam over the 11 months supplying 8.7 million arrivals, up 32.6%, mainly driven by positive growth  generated by tour groups from China and Korea.

China with 3.5 million visits increased by 44.9%, while Korea with 2.1 million trips grew 55.3%, year-on-year.

Visits from Europe increased 17% generating 1.7 million trips, while the Americas with 745.530 trips improved by 10%.

A highlight of the year was the resurgence of the Russian market that grew 34.8% delivering 517,232 trips.