Who’s the greenest of them all?

VIENTIANE, 13 November 2017: Laos has for years positioned itself as a preferred eco-tourism, or green destination, when compared with its neighbours.

Now there is support for the argument that the country is greener than all of its neighbours, courtesy of the Korea Herald.

It points out that when you calculate land covered by forest, Laos has the highest percentage in Asia at a remarkable 92.7%.

Credit: Korea Herald

In contrast, India, Bangladesh, Mongolia and Pakistan are among those with the least forest area.

Other countries blessed with forest cover are Bhutan (81.5), Brunei (79.7) and South Korea (63.7) while Malaysia and Indonesia also have significant proportions of forested land.

Myanmar has forest cover of 57.3% compared with the total land mass, Thailand  32.1% and Singapore, remarkably for a city state, still has 24.8% of forest cover.

Asia-Pacific has lost around 10 million hectares of forest between 1990 and 2005 over the past 15 years, according to data from the Asian Development Bank.

The data, based on 2015 research, was picked up by Laotian Times as an example of positive factors that the country can exploit in its tourism presentation.

Laos usually hosts an eco-tourism convention every other year and was recognised by ASEAN to take the lead in ecotourism initiatives on behalf of the 10-nation bloc.