Penang cleans up after storm

KUALA LUMPUR, 8 November 2017: Strong winds and heavy rain closed down many of Penang’s tourist attractions as the popular island destination suffered the worst storms in decades.

A weekend of torrential downpour and strong winds, left many parts of Georgetown, the state capital, inundated with flood water, while there were reports of landslides in the hilly regions of the island.

According to bulletins, issued by travel management companies, the storms resulted in the temporarily closure of some sites and activities possibly for rest of the week.

Asian Trails, a leading destination management company said city officials and travel partners on the island identified landmarks such as the Kek Lok Si Temple and the Penang Hill funicular as the main tourist attractions that have closed until further notice.

Tour operators have been working with hotels to reschedule bookings and offer alternatives such as booking clients on trips to other destinations in Malaysia.

Seven people died  and thousands were evacuated in the northern Malaysian state f0llowing an 18-hour storm that ended Monday.

Roads in Georgetown were submerged. On the mainland there were reports of run off water 4 metres deep and some fishing boats were washed ashore and seriously damaged,

The state’s worst flooding caused its Chief Minister to enlist Malaysia’s police and military to help with relief efforts.

More than 3,500 people were evacuated from Penang, mostly on the mainland, with another 2,000 in neighbouring Kedah forced to leave their homes.

Winds from the storm  were so strong that a ferry was washed ashore in Butterworth, the main town of mainland Penang, while a landslide and sinkhole tore up a road in front of a row of newly built luxury houses on the island.