Mega puppet fest set for Myanmar

YANGON: 13 November 2017: Overseas tour operators looking to add value to their tours in March next year, could consider a visit to the country’s second puppet festival.

Firm dates for the festival have still to be finalise,  but it will be hosted in Mandalay and Yangon on the same days.

Last hosted in 2016, Myanmar will hold the second International Marionette Festival in 2018 in two cities for the first time.

Commenting on plans as they unfold, co-sponsor Myanmar Upper Land Travel managing director U Kyaw Myo Ko,  said the event should attract puppet collections and performances from Asia and Europe.

“The main sponsor will be the Goethe Institute, and every marionette artist will be invited,” he told Myanmar Times.  “For now, I can’t say exactly how many participants will attend or the exact date of the festival.

Myanmar marionette performances go back centuries and are gaining worldwide recognition.  The event will highlight both traditional and modern styles of the art.

The first edition of the International Marionette Festival was held in Mandalay’s national theatre in April 2016, in cooperation with the Goethe Instute of Yangon and Myanmar Marionette Organisation and sponsored by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, Myanmar.

It featured performances by Myanmar’s Orchestra, and marionette shows and attracted Thai and Indonesian marionette shows, as well as including forums about global marionette display.

According to Myanmar Time,s Myanmar marionette art is taught at just one educational establishment; the country’s Cultural University, where marionettes are taught in the Myanmar Zat Thabin Department.