JIN Air opens market sale

HONG KONG, 28 November 2017: South Korea’s low-cost carrier, Jin Air, is selling fares discounted by up to 88%  through to 1 December.

The quick sale ‘JIN MARKET’ is described as the biggest flight discount promotion that the airline has ever offered inspired by Korea’s department store seasonal super sales.

The JIN MARKET online special discount promotion is offered every six months during Korea’s autumn and spring.

Tickets can be reserved through the Jin Air homepage or Jin Air English mobile application through to 2400 on 1 December 1. (KST)

Reservations can be made for flights departing from up until March 24, 2018. Flights during the Lunar New Year holiday are not included.

The airline serves 14 routes to the Americas and Southeast Asia.

Americas and Southeast Asia
▲ Honolulu-Incheon (Seoul) USD 280

▲ Saipan-Incheon (Seoul) USD 140

▲ Bangkok-Incheon (Seoul) THB 5,800

▲ Vientiane-Incheon (Seoul) USD 170

▲ Kota Kinabalu-Incheon (Seoul) MYR 680

▲ Guam-Busan USD 160

▲ Da Nang-Busan USD 160

▲ Guam-Incheon (Seoul) USD 145

▲ Cebu-Incheon (Seoul) USD 115

▲ Clark-Incheon (Seoul) USD 125

▲ Da Nang-Incheon (Seoul) USD 170

▲ Hanoi-Incheon (Seoul) USD 110

▲ Cebu-Busan USD 110

▲ Clark-Busan USD 120

Jin Air is also promoting a “Ticket Buying Event,” or reverse auction, during the same period when the JIN MARKET is opened to international members of the Jin Air homepage.

Bidding prices will range from a minimum of USD1 to a maximum of USD100, regardless of the routes taken to Incheon or Busan. Members can make five bids a day with an additional three bids if they share the event on Facebook, making a total of eight bids per day.

The member with the lowest bid wins, and if there are multiple winners eligible at  the same lowest price, the bidder who posted first will win a round trip ticket (fuel surcharge and airport tax not included).

For more details on the event and auction dates visit: (http://www.jinair.com/Language/ENG/)