ITB Asia to beef up buyers list in 2018

SINGAPORE, 29 November 2017: ITB Asia has recruited the Association of Corporate Travel Executives (ACTE) to boost the show’s corporate travel buyer attendance in 2018.

The deal makes ACTE, which has representation in 100 countries, the corporate travel association partner for ITB Asia 2018.

ACTE joins ITB Asia’s other buyers programme partners to assist in attracting  quality buyers and corporate travel managers to attend the show.

The list of ITB Asia buyers is not made public making it difficult for potential show goers to measure buyers list quality before they pay and register to attend. Those who buy space and register are given access to the online buyers list for appointment matching. But for newcomers it is not an easy task to evaluate the potential of the ITB Asia’s buyers list before making a financial commitment to attend.

At this year’s show some exhibitors  in the technology sector said the were under the impression the show would put them in touch with potential customers who would be interested in buying travel technology systems or content. Instead, the  buyers were mainly tour operators looking for tour content. This nullified the value of the matched appointment process.

However, based on feedback from this year’s show, the organisers need to beef up the corporate travel buyers list and ACTE has been recruited to do just that.

In addition, ACTE will be the official partner to organise the ITB Asia Business Travel Day during ITB Asia 2018 including the creation of a programme to engage and energise participating corporate buyers and delegates.

The programme will include staple diet topics such as driving change, identifying industry pain points, building solutions and best practices, attracting new talent to the travel industry and reaching consensus through open discussions.

Most of the topics have been discussed in various travel trade events in Asia repeatedly, year in and year out, leaving ITB Asia open to criticism that it needs to revamp and refresh its conferences held on the sidelines of the show, or do away with them entirely. Companies buying space at the show are there to drive business, build contacts and network. The puzzling array of conferences, knowledge hubs and sideline presentations including “special days” creates considerable programme clutter. If companies registered at the show intend to also join conferences they will need to have an additional delegate on hand and that is an additional expense. How many are willing to do that, when the show is already one of the most expensive in the region in terms of booth space rentals and accommodation costs.

But ITB Asia is a master at presenting a multiplicity of events to raise the show’s image as a game changer, influencer and trend setter.

ITB Asia 2017 claimed  an attendance record of 11,000 delegates from 113 countries with over 22,000 business appointments recorded.

At this early stage, ITB Asia 2018 has already received the highest exhibitor re-bookings from destinations such as Greece, the Middle East, Africa, Spain and Scandinavia, as well as continued strong support from Asian markets, the organisers noted.