Indigo White red hot on promises

BANGKOK 9 November 2017: Competition among Mekong Region adventure tour operators is likely to hot up a few degrees once startup, Indigo White, launches its adventure travel content in the region this December.

The company will establish initial operations in Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos.

Founded by Holly Richter, formerly of Backroads, EXO Travel and Rove, says his latest venture will cater to travel agents and independent travel specialists worldwide, looking for adventure travel content in Southeast Asia.

With 14 years of experience guiding and designing for Backroads, a luxury cycling, trekking and kayaking company – combined with 10 years living and working in Asia as both a product manager and director of adventure at EXO Travel – he is now embarking on establishing an adventure travel firm that will focus on a tailor-made, experiential adventure travel made easy.

“Many companies focus on a single aspect of travel – cycling, trekking, cultural, luxury, culinary –  but rarely do they look at travel holistically.,” he explains.

Claiming it will work with communities in Southeast Asia to put together adventures travel, whether it be rafting on rivers in forested land in northern Thailand or cycling on secluded paths through the otherwise crowded Angkor complex.

In response to email questions, the company spokesperson said thee main stakeholders of Indigo White were Holly Richter along with local Thai partners.
“We also partner with local stakeholders in each of our destinations who have ownership of the business of their respective destinations, they added. Chiang Mai is the company’s designated  headquarters.
On its travel content footprint, the company will offer adventure options in Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos, with Vietnam and Thailand taking priority based on initial demand.
“As far as our customer base goes, we are primarily working with travel agents who specialise in adventure and experiential travel,” he explained.

Indigo White is set to launch at before the end of this year.

The website is under construction and has minimal information, but links to a Facebook account. A check of LinkedIn offers very little relevant information .