India’s tourism dollars up 20%

NEW DELHI, 20 November 2017:  India’s Ministry of Tourism estimates foreign exchange earnings (FEEs) through tourism, January to October, reached USD220.89 billion representing an improvement of 20.2% over year-on-year.

During January-October 2016, the FEEs registered USD 18.37 billion and a growth of 7.9% over January- October 2015.

Highlights of the estimates indicate FEEs for just October identified FEEs of USD2.205 billion, compared with FEEs of USD1.812 billion during the month of October 2016.

This represented a growth of 21.7% during October year-on-year.

Tourism officials said the results were encouraging and showed that India was making considerable progress in terms of quality tourism as earnings, rather than tourist arrivals, represented a more reliable measure of success.

India has one of the longest average of stay at 16 days in the Asia Pacific region, which is a big factor in the high revenue earnings.

During January to October this year, the country welcomed 7.996 million tourists, up 15.8% year-on-year. This compared with a 6.9 million tourists in the same period in 2016 which represented an increase of 9.6%.

(Source: Press Bureau of India)