Holiday sales for Bali on hold

SINGAPORE, 28 November 2017: Travel agents in Singapore are diverting clients booked on tours to Bali to other island destinations in the region.

Bali’s international airport remains closed for the second day after fresh eruptions blasted clouds of ash and rock thousands of metres into the sky from the Mount Agung crater.

Channel NewsAsia quoted travel firm executives who said selling trips to Bali, one of the most popular island destinations for Singaporeans was now on hold.

Chan Brothers Travel to the TV news channel it did not have any customers currently in Bali and that their next batch of tourists was scheduled to depart for the island on 4 to 5 December.

Another top outbound travel company, Dynasty Travel, said enquires and bookings for Bali had dropped by half.

Advance bookings for Bali have been dropping dramatically since the first alert issued in September.

Customers, who had purchased holidays  are opting to postpone trips, or transfer bookings to other destinations in Thailand, Vietnam or Cambodia.

Indonesia’s tourism authorities have told tour operators overseas that there are alternative travel options such as train and bus transfers to evacuate visitors who cannot fly out of Bali.

Travel agents told ChannelNews Asia they were informing  customers to stay vigilant and purchase comprehensive travel insurance in case of unforeseen circumstances if they are continuing with their trips to Bali.

However, some travel insurance firms have already issued statements saying bookings made after the September volcano alerts will not be covered by insurance.