Filipinos prefer remote spots

MANILA, 10 November 201:  While the majority of travellers head for the same tried and tested locations, and getting away means sharing a hotspot with thousands of other tourists, there is a growing trend for Filipino travellers to get off the beaten track when travelling in their own country.

A recent Agoda Travel and Tech Study found that 74% of Filipinos like to travel to lesser-known destinations.

Agoda’s global director for brand and communications, Andrew Edwards, explains: “Getting away doesn’t mean giving up great experiences when it comes to Southeast Asia. The region is dotted with many remote and luxurious locations for travellers, who don’t want to compromise on the good things in life, but still want a unique holiday.”

“Filipino travellers can get one-of-a-kind experience on almost any budget, depending on where they want to go. Often travellers seek the same tried and tested locations, but the alternative — going off the beaten track — can be far more rewarding,” he says.

Agoda is a member of the Priceline Group of companies.