Emirates promotes early bird bookings


SINGAPORE, 15 November 2017 – Emirates says it is giving travellers a heads start on planning and grabbing the best fares and perks.

The airline offers pointers to finding a bargain such as early bird fares, travelling with a group, which is a cheaper option, and planning well ahead pays big dividends.

For a limited period, travellers can source special business class and economy class fares. Bookings should be made by 20 November for travel, 1 January and 30 June 2018.

All-inclusive business class fares from Singapore to select destinations start at SGD1,339, while and economy class fares start at SGD449.

Booking travel arrangements early also offers better deals on accommodation, attractions and flights. Due to seasonal demand, hotel prices are often lower in January as compared to December. With Emirates’ early bird promotional fares, travellers can extend the December holiday season by going on vacation in January.

Travelling in a group brings the benefit of group discounts and other perks.

Planning ahead can also help save time. For instance, booking tickets to popular attractions and plotting a robust itinerary in advance can minimise waiting and navigation time during the trip. Sufficient research also helps travellers with what to expect ( weather, terrain), allowing them to prepare and pack better.

Promotional fares to selected key destinations can be found below: