Tips on how to save on luxury travel

SINGAPORE, 6 October 2017: TripAdvisor’s latest ‘Luxury for Less Guide’ reveals when travellers can save up to 51% on luxury hotels and travel destinations that many travellers believe are beyond their  reach.

Based on reviews and price checks the guide offers tips on when the best prices are available.

This the stuff travel agencies should be telling us, but the tips are coming from TripAdvisor based on reviews, price comparisons and feedback from its social media community.*

From Tokyo to Bora Bora, the TripAdvisor ‘Luxury for Less Guide’ identifies eight of the most “lust-worthy” destinations and reveals ideal times to visit when smart shoppers can save between 20% to 50% off the cost of booking luxury hotels.

TripAdvisor asked its global social media community to name dream holiday destinations they would love to visit but thought were out of their price range.

After comparing hotel prices on over 200 sites, the guide identifies the lowest rates and also factors in variables such as weather and seasonal activities to identify the “best value time period”** to travel.

Times that save

TripAdvisor hotel price comparison data suggest travellers wishing to visit Mauritius can save up to 51% if they travel in September compared to peak season.

Bora Bora, considered a paradise for honeymooners, offers the highest total average saving (SGD691) of all the destinations featured in the Luxury for Less guide if they visit in April.

Travellers dreaming of a trip to perennial-favourite Tokyo should travel in May where they can expect an average saving of 21%.

May is also the best value month for those who wish to indulge in the natural scenery of Brazil’s Iguazu Falls, the largest waterfalls system in the world, offering an average saving of 31%.

New York City fans should visit in March when there are average savings of 33% on accommodations while Hawaii offers the highest flexibility for a value visit with four months to choose from with a average saving of 20%.


* Featured dream destinations were selected by asking the community – via the TripAdvisor social media channels – which destinations they would love to visit but thought they couldn’t afford. These comments were analysed and weighted and used by TripAdvisor for the destination list for the Luxury for Less Guide.

**Best Value Time Period is defined by TripAdvisor hotel price comparison data and factors such as local weather and seasonal activities.

*** Average savings are determined by comparing hotel prices in the peak travel season vs. best value time period using the TripAdvisor hotel price comparison taking into account 3*+ accommodations with a minimum of 3.5 bubbles on TripAdvisor.

Dream Destination Best Value Months

(according to TripAdvisor hotel price comparison data and seasonal factors)

Average savings in % and total***

(compared to peak season) All prices are in Singapore Dollars

Mauritius September 51% $394
Bora Bora April 38% $691
New York City March 33% $215
Botswana April / October 32% $324
Iguazu Falls (Brazil) May 31% $68
Tokyo (Japan) May 21% $91
Seychelles September 20% $157
Hawaii April / May /September / October 20% $135

The full works;  Luxury for Less Guide to dream destinations

Mauritius – Best Value Month: September, average saving 51%
Travellers heading to Mauritius in September can expect savings of around SGD394 as compared to travelling in peak season. In regards of hotel selection, the Northern and Western part of the island are more recommended as they are generally warmer and drier.

Travel tip: It is advisable to bring a sweater as travellers can expect a drop in temperature in higher altitudes and areas by the sea. Overall temperature is at a comfortable ~24°C with little rain, making it a great time to visit.

Bora Bora – Best Value Month: April, average saving 38%
According to TripAdvisor hotel price comparison data, more than S$600 on average can be saved when travelling in April. The weather in Bora Bora changes in this month – the hotter and humid period comes to an end while a cooler and drier climate, with up to 29°C during the day, takes over. Swimming and diving are popular activities as the water temperature never drops below 26°C.

Travel tip: The eastern side of the island, which is facing the trade winds, experiences onshore wind, which is cooling but also provides higher humidity.

New York City – Best Value Month: March, average saving 33%
March is the best value month to visit the Big Apple with average price reductions on hotels of 33% (SGD215). Come prepared for slightly colder temperatures – while weather can still be cold and unpredictable, the first signs of spring are creeping in with some beautiful sights likely to be spotted in Central Park.

Botswana – Best Value Months: April & October, average saving 32%
Botswana is home to stunning sites like Okavango Delta and Kalahari Desert that offer plenty of opportunities for wildlife sighting. According to the TripAdvisor ‘Luxury for Less Guide’, travellers heading to Botswana can expect great savings in April and October as prices drop on average by around SGD324.

Travel tip: Possibilities to visit the Okavango Delta are limited in April, because the roads are often muddy and are not always passable. Instead, travellers should plan a visit to the Kalahari where the flowers are expected to blossom. The month of October – towards the end of the dry season – is particularly suitable for wildlife spotting. This is when the animals gather at the water bodies and large parts of the flora have dried up, so animals can be spotted more easily.

Iguazu Falls (Brazil) – Best Value Month: May, average saving 31%
The Brazilian autumn is characterised by pleasant warm temperatures ideal for travellers who prefer to avoid the summer heat. According to the ‘Luxury for Less Guide’, the savings in May amount to an average of 31% or SGD68. TripAdvisor community recommends investing the savings in a tour or take a day trip to the fascinating Argentine side of the waterfalls.

Travel tip: Temperatures at night can drop to an average of 14°C so it is advisable to pack along a sweater or jacket.

Tokyo (Japan) – Best Value Month: May, average saving 21%
With diverse tourism offerings that include cultural, historical and gastronomical draws, Tokyo remains as a favourite destination for both first time and repeat travellers. The cooler months – including the TripAdvisor best value time period of May – are claimed as the best time to visit the busy metropolis. Travellers heading to Tokyo in May can save up to 21% (SGD91).

Travel tip: Avoid going at the beginning of May as Japan’s Golden Week is taking place during this period. With four days of national holiday, many locals will be travelling and businesses may be closed.

SeychellesBest Value Month: September, average saving 20%
The 115 islands of the Seychelles in the Indian Ocean are what most travellers refer to as paradise on earth, with warm temperatures ranging between 28-33°C throughout the year. Based on the TripAdvisor.

‘Luxury for Less Guide’, the best value time period to visit Seychelles is September, with an average cost reduction of 20% (S$157).

Travel tip: The island of Praslin may still be experiencing seagrass floods in September, but the beaches on the windward side are far less likely to be affected. Diving enthusiasts should consider September as the best diving season, which is when visibility increases to more than 35 metres.

Hawaii – Best Value Months: April, May, September, October: average saving 20%
Good news for travellers who have Hawaii on their travel agenda. According to the TripAdvisor Luxury for Less Guide, one third of the year falls into the best value time period, where savings of up to 20 % (SGD135) can be achieved.

Travel tip: April, May, September and October are considered off-season so travellers can explore the islands with fewer tourists. These months generally offer dry weather conditions, apart from April, which is still beautiful, but visitors are advised to bring a raincoat. April is also one of the months that is best for whale-watching in Hawaii.