Hong Kongers travel closer to home

HONG KONG, 19 October 2017: Short-haul destinations remain the favourites for Hong Kong’s avid travellers according  Travelzoo that promotes and sells online travel deals.

In its key findings for the first half of the year, short-haul destinations remain by far the most popular vacation choices, while exotic destinations are gaining ground.

Over the first half of the year, Travelzoo published 521 deals in 26 releases of its weekly travel deals for Hong Kong’s travel audience.

The top most-clicked destinations in the first half-year of 2017 were: Macau; Bangkok; Taipei; Seoul; Osaka; Tokyo; Okinawa; Singapore and Nagoya

Statistics show that Japan, Thailand, and Taiwan continue to be the all-time favourites for Hong Kong residents. Japan was crowned the top destination by almost accounting for a quarter of the clicks and traffic in the first half of 2017.

“Undoubtedly, short-haul travel deals are most well-received by our members,” comments Travelzoo’s Hong Kong general manager, Kevin Shui. “They offer a safe and economical choice for savvy travellers.”

In terms of clicks and conversion rates, Hong Kong travel enthusiasts were fans of  Macau’s hotel packages that performed the best in the first six months of 2017.

“It’s not uncommon to see a new Macau hotel attract almost 20,000 views and hundreds of inquiries in less than 72 hours,” Shui said.

Hong Kong travellers are getting more adventurous, too.

There have been deals to encourage Hong Kong residents to explore exotic destinations such as Cambodia, Vietnam, Nepal, Laos, Russia, Kazakhstan, Czech Republic (Prague), Tibet, Kenya and the South Americas. Collectively, they generated 35,907 clicks—nearly as many clicks as Singapore did (35,536)—which is a notable trend over the same period last year. The site registered less interest in Europe and North America

Travelzoo Hong Kong has also recommended over 100 deals to Europe and North America over the six months. However, the collective performance across two continents was still short of the performance for single destination Thailand.

“With news about terrorist attacks in Europe and mass shootings in North America, Hong Kong residents do have concerns about safety when they make decisions on their next holiday destinations since many of them travel with family,” Shui suggested.

(Source: PRnewswire)