DTG rumour mill grinds to a halt


BANGKOK, 2 October 2017: Tourasia’s founder and CEO, Stephen Roemer, who was recently named the new CEO of Diethelm Travel Group following a tourasia and DTG merger, officially started work 1 October.

Asked to clarify some of his priorities in email questions, he said: “ It goes without saying that I will come up with a business strategy and a clear positioning. This is what I am working on with the teams of Diethelm and All Asia Exclusive (AAE) at this moment.”

DTG and tourasia jointly announced the merger in late August and by 18 September former CEO, Lisa Fitzell, who had headed the tour company for two and half years left the Bangkok office.

Angelo van Tol, Diethelm Keller Group and Stephan Roemer, tourasia (right).

Since then, Roemer confirmed he has been conducting “due diligence and has been engaged in take-over formalities.”

He squashed rumours that one of his first tasks would be to reinstate a former CEO of DTG to rejoin the management team. The rumour made considerable traction in local travel trade circles last week. Diethelm Travel Group has employed nine CEO since 1999. However, it got short shift from Roemer who called it “pure rumour.”

He talked about requiring three months to “present our strategies and clear changes.”

Roemer has been a resident of Bangkok for the past 10 years and expects to spend at least 50% of his working time in the city .

Commenting on details of the merger between Diethelm Travel Group and toursasa, he confirmed the latter acquired shares of Diethelm Travel Holding, the owning company of all the Diethelm destination companies in Asia (known as DTG).

“Diethelm Travel Holding is a duly registered company in Switzerland,” he explained. “ I will take seat on all of the boards of Diethelm Travel companies and  registrations are underway.

“It was agreed that no details would be released on the transaction. You can, however, imagine that I would not take over the steering wheel without having the power to decide.”

Tourasia has been the owning company of the local DMC brands AAE and Blue Horizons Travel since their formation.

The merger of these companies into Diethelm Holding creates one of the biggest destination management companies in Asia with more than 500 staff in 13 countries and a combined turnover of over USD90 Million.

The tourasia owned Asia-based DMC’s – AAE and Blue Horizons Travel – have been serving a number of tour operators, worldwide, in addition to handling tourasia’s own business, originating mainly in Switzerland.