Wood back in Asia Skål

BANGKOK, 6 September 2017: Skål Club Bangkok’s PR director, Andrew Wood, has been assigned the role of vice president for Skål’s Southeast Asia board.

An long-time member and supporter of Skål, an association for travel industry executives worldwide, Wood served on the Southeast Asia board as vice president, 2009 to 2010.

He was also a key figure in various bids to bring the Skål International Congress to Thailand and a former president of the Bangkok club.

Skal Asia’s Andrew J Wood (right) VP Southeast Asia with Tsutomu Ishizuka VP East Asia, at the Japan Hotel School in Tokyo recently.

Wood assumed the new regional role last week and will represent Thailand at the Skål Southeast Asia’s board due to meet in Macau, 3 to 5 November.

SKÅL Asia has 2,300 members in 40 clubs covering a region from Guam in the Pacific Ocean more than 10,000 km to Mauritius in the Indian Ocean with clubs in 17 countries.