Hotels can sell you an airline ticket

SINGAPORE, 13 September 2017: Time Design, a global dynamic package solution company,  announced, Tuesday, its integration with Sabre Hospitality Solutions’ SynXis Central Reservations, which will give hotels the ability to offer travel packages direct to guests.

With the integration, global travellers can combine their hotel reservations with airline tickets during a visit to the participating hotels’ websites.

Time Design’s Global Dynamic Package Solution combines real-time availability and prices of both accommodation and transportation including the purchase of international airline tickets.

 It will allow global travellers to book both rooms and flights at the same time on a hotel official website using phones, tablets, or PCs.

It does away with the need to visit multiple websites to source flights and  bundles the components in a single transaction using a credit card.

Time Design’s Global Dynamic Package Solution offers travel on a variety of airlines including low-cost airlines. It identifies the airlines, alliances, prices, departure and arrival times, flights routes, as well as other options.

It is yet another example of consumers taking over tasks that were previously exclusive to travel agencies. It will further erode the role of agents forcing them to concentrate on multiple destination itineraries with added value content that is not widely available online.

However, it illustrates the redundancy that the traditional travel agency faces that is not able to compete in the online space and offer distinct travel products and experiences.

“Travelers were only able to book hotels and airline tickets at the same time through a travel agent or Online Travel Agency (OTA) but with our solution, they can book both rooms and airline tickets from a hotel’s official website. This not only makes it easier for travellers to make reservations, it also lets hotels improve their service offering and reduce channel cost against OTAs,” said Time Design president CEO Yuzo Takamatsu.

Sabre Hospitality Solutions is the world’s largest central reservations system provider to the hospitality industry with over 36,000 hotels, resorts and chains using its technology, The SynXis CR provides distribution of rates and inventory through all online and offline distribution channels; connectivity to global distribution systems, more than 450 online travel agents, website and mobile booking engines.

Time Design is a dynamic package solution provider, allowing hotels, airlines and online media sites to offer travel packages, combining airline and hotel reservations.