Gemalto on passport trending

SINGAPORE, 12 September 2017: A leader in digital security, Gemalto reports that its advanced ePassport technologies are now being used in over 30 countries.

Claiming the ePassports have “outstanding security” Gemalto believes they also speed up border crossings.

Introduced in 2005, the ePassport now represents 57% of passports in circulation.  They deliver enhanced fraud protection by incorporating a secure microprocessor that stores the holder’s personal data and digital photo.

The key trends in travel documentation identified by Gemalto include:

A new generation of ePassport will digitally store travel information such as eVisas and entry/exit stamps to support even more efficient immigration control.

Swift migration to tamper-proof polycarbonate data pages, should dramatically reduces the risk of fraud.

Sensitive ePassport data will be stored on the holder’s smartphone to create a secure companion to the physical passport, making life easier for travellers.

Smart borders/smart airports will emerge at a faster pace. Combined with the hundreds of millions of ePassports now in circulation and a strong push behind biometrics (particularly facial recognition), they offer travellers quick and secure cross-border movement.