Thai tourism trends positive

BANGKOK, 21 August 2017: Foreign tourist visits to Thailand increase 4.81% in July to reach 3,088,042 according to the Ministry of Tourism and Sports, permanent secretary Pongpanun Svetarundra.

The top  region was East Asia followed by Europe, South Asia, Americas and the Middle East.

During July, tourist spending generated revenue of THB156,403.03, up 6.16% from the same period last year.

Top source markets for arrivals included China, Malaysia,  South Korea, India and Japan.

For the seven months, January to July, tourist arrivals reached 20,411,682 up 4.47% over the same period last year.

Pongpanun said he was confident that tourism would continue to grow during the second half of the year,  based on strong advance bookings registered through September.

Also the general trend in tourist arrivals suggests, that bar an security lapses or terrorist incidents, Thailand is heading for 35 million visits this year.

September advance bookings although a rough estimate rose 2.01% over the same period last year.

Positive drivers include an increase in airline services from major supply cities in India. The strength of the Thai baht compared with European currencies is a worrying factor for some markets. The UK pound has devalued against the Thai baht (around THB40 to the UKP) and this makes trip costs for British tourists considerably higher than a year ago.

But the main driver for Thai tourism is the China market that continues to expand and will soon represent more than 40% of Thailand’s arrivals, when Hong Kong, Taiwan are included.

In related news, Chinese visitors can get a visa-on-arrival at Phuket airport, which will boost bookings in the last quarter. Also, as more airlines link major Chinese cities with secondary tourist destinations in Thailand,  travel content sold in China will have more variety to attract up-scale travel and repeat travellers.


  1. it is hard to believe this story considering the huge losses of public airlines for past 2+ years in Thailand

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