Summer specials on Lufthansa

BANGKOK, 8 August 2017: Lufthansa launches a “Europe Summer Promotions” for travel on selected routes to Europe, September to July, next year.

Bookings must be made by 21 August. Departures are valid from 1 September to 31 March, next year. Return travel is valid from 7 September to 1 July next year.

The promotion starts with a roundtrip fare, inclusive of taxes, fees and surcharges, ex-Bangkok, at THB20,990 to Milan, Paris and Vienna.

Other fares: THB21,990 Amsterdam; THB22,990 Barcelona; THB23,990 Zurich; THB24,990 Brussels and Munich; THB25,990 Prague; THB26,990 Geneva and Zagreb; THB27,990 Frankfurt; THB29,990 Hamburg; THB32,990 Berlin; and THB33,990 Dusseldorf.

Advance purchase is required seven days before the departure dates for all destinations.

Minimum stay is six days, or return no earlier than the first Sunday after departure. Maximum stay is three months.

Fares could differ due to fluctuations in currencies. The promotion saves 50% off the airline’s fares posted on its booking website.

Strangely, Thai Airways International sells inclusive roundtrip fares, ex-Bangkok, at THB34,105 to Frankfurt, which is considerably higher than Lufthansa’s best deal. Usually the perception is that a Lufthansa trip will cost more.

For example,  on the route to Paris Lufthansa is almost THB 15,000 cheaper than THAI, which quotes a fare of THB35,600 to Paris. THAI’s best offer is  THB38,645 to Brussels and THB41,525 to Milan.