Expedia beefs up hotel support

BANGKOK, 21 August 2017 – Expedia  launched its Rev+ tool in Thailand this week for hotel partners.

As part its partner portal, Expedia PartnerCentral, helps helps hotels to manage their online rates better and gain insights on their competitive set.

Its Rev+ tool covers revenue management by providing actionable data to empower partners to make smart decisions to optimise their revenue.

Rev+ is offered to hotel revenue managers at no additional costs if they are the website’s partners. It does not require an additional sign-up.

“We’re going through an evolution at Expedia, providing partners with more technology services and product offerings,” said Expedia’s Global Product vice president, Benoit Jolin.

“Our hotel partners see value in the data we provide and have expressed a need for additional support to help them refine their revenue strategy and make informed business decisions in less time.

“Rev+ was created based on hotel feedback, along with months of testing. Rev+ is the start of our revenue management capabilities from which we will continue to build and enhance according to our partners’ feedback.”

As a global business with more than 200 travel booking sites globally and nearly 385,000 lodging partners world-wide, Expedia has the necessary scale to provide partners with comprehensive support.


A price calendar which offers a comprehensive view of a hotel’s pricing relative to their competitive set for the next 365 days.

Market Alerts offers an alert system that helps hotel partners find the most recent and relevant changes in their market.

A Daily Snapshot offers extra insights about what’s happening on a specific day; including forecasted demand and know events.

All data and insights provided by Expedia PartnerCentral are based on a competitive set customizable by every hotel partner, ensuring they are receiving the most relevant and impactful insights for them.