Bangkok Air’s bottom-line deals

BANGKOK, 28 August 2017: Is Bangkok Airways being cheeky when it sells a ‘Click, Book Fly promotion on domestic and international routes that offers a one-way fare of THB990?

We think so, because when you add the compulsory taxes and surcharge your bottom-line fare is THB1090 one way on domestic routes.

The general rule, recommended by consumer protection agencies in Thailand, is to add the surcharges  and quote a net fare ending the temptation to tease travellers with deals that turn out to a few hundred baht short of the real bottom-line price.

Why Bangkok Airways has to engage in a dubious sales tactic is baffling because the THB1,090 Bangkok to Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Lampang, Sukhothai, Trat, Krabi  and Phuket is already a bargain. Last week, the best offer to Chiang Rai was a one-way fare of THB1,500. This promotion immediately knocks off THB410.

On international routes the outrageous teaser tantalizes you with a THB990 roundtrip deal for all destinations, with the exception of the Maldives, which will set you back THB7490 before the surcharges are added at an impressive THB6,370.   However, the roundtrip fare to the Maldives, at THB13,860, is still very competitive and the nonstop service saves time.

Looking at other routes, a roundtrip fare of THB990 to Yangon might be something to brag about when talking savvy travel habits, but in real-time the fare is actually THB 4,700 when you do the plus, plus of surcharges and tax. Luang Prabang for THB4,315 is not bad at all, and who would sneeze at THB4,650 to Siem Reap. See the full list of bargains for domestic and international flights below.

Bangkok Airways has plenty in its favour when you are looking for value-for-money flights.  It serves a meal on board that saves a few hundred baht snacking in an overpriced airport, offers a generous luggage alliance and at many airports has lounge service for both economy and premier passengers. If you are busy traveller the free Wi-FI and snacks in the airport lounge is a godsend.

The latest deals roll out today 28 August and remain open until 30 August for the airline’s FlyerBonus members. Other travellers can snatch up the bargains 4 September to 7 September.

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Traveling dates are  15 September  through to 31 January 2018.