On camera at pub street

SIEM REAP, 27 July 2017: Siem Reap provincial government wants to install more CCTV security cameras along a popular tourist pub street in an effort to tighten safety and security for visitors.

Khmer Times reported the scheme was supported financially by MineBea, a private Japanese company.

The street is packed with tourists in the evening visiting restaurants and pubs, but there has been an increase in petty crime that worries authorities. A study of the street showed at least another 30 cameras were required to cover the area adequately.

The provincial hall’s deputy administrator, Sok Thol, was quoted saying the company supporting the project and is now waiting for approval from the government.

“We are waiting for a final agreement from the Japanese government to fund the project. It may not be until after the Japanese government passes its national budget next year.”

Currently, the pub street area has more than 20 security cameras, but another 30 are required to cover the area.

Deputy governor Ly Samreth said old security cameras would be repaired and new ones added.

He noted that between 5,000 and 7,000 people visited Siem Reap daily and more than half of them visit the so called pub street.

Siem Reap is a province that is best known as the site of Angkor and the Angkor Wat temple ruins.

For the first five months of this year, Siem Reap welcomed 1,092,636 international tourists increasing 12.0% from 975,643 visits, according to Ministry of Tourism’s Tourism Statistics Department figure.