TTM: Cambodia promotes its first travel mart

CHIANG MAI, 16 June 2017: Cambodia will inaugurate a national travel show, Cambodia Travel Mart, this November to be hosted in Siem Reap.

The Cambodian delegation was busy promoting the event at its TTM booth, this week, in the hope it can convince international buyers to sign up for the new show.

Scheduled 17 to 19 November in Siem Reap’s Sokka’s convention centre, event organiser Slickbooth CEO, Om Pharin, said the target was to sign up 150 international buyers, 20 international media and sell booth space to 200 Cambodian travel firms and hotels.

International buyers will be sourced from 10 markets all in the Asia, with buyers also invited from the UK, Germany, Italy and Scandinavia.

Cambodia’s deputy director of marketing and promotions, Prak Vuthy, said the decision to start a national travel show was made to increase ‘national branding.’

But the travel show calendar is crowded and the inaugural mart is very close to the dates of the World Travel Market in London.

He conceded that it was almost impossible to find a free slot in the busy travel mart calendar in the Asia Pacific.

“It’s a government policy to create cooperation and support the country’s private sector to promote tourism products.”

The government will own the brand and licence for the show, but  it will outsource the management to the private events firm Slickbooth, which in turn has hired TTG Media, the organiser of the successful ITCMA marts, to handle hosted buyer selection, appointment matching and the selection of international media eligible for hosting.

The Sokha convention hall can accommodate up to 2,000 people.

The Slickbooth CEO said the ultimate goal was to make the event self-sufficient and profitable.

Prak said Cambodia would still field an delegation and take up the option of a booth at the annual TTM, as part of the cooperation between Mekong Region countries.

A standard booth at the new Cambodian show, with a floor space of 3m x 3m, will cost USD2,600 with two delegate badges included.

In comparison, the ASEAN Tourism Forum’s Travex, also a two-day event, has a price tag of USD4,080 (early bird price) with one delegate included. A second delegate badge with matching appointments costs an extra USD1,000.

TTM costs THB30,000 for a booth with two delegates included (early bird price). The cost increases to THB35,000 after the promotional period.